Friday, December 18, 2015

Can you trust all Amazon sellers?

No, and Amazon is making a profit out of it! It's a nice idea, you can get a pillow with my designs from Amazon at a fraction of the normal price. But wait a minute, is it authentic? No. Some unscrupulous Chinese sellers have decided that every designer at Zazzle is fair game, they download an image of the design, and print them. Great, you get a pillow cheap, the designer doesn't get their royalty, no big deal right? Here is a review from someone who bought one of those pillows:
Amazon, you are aiding these criminals by allowing them to sell on your platform. It has got to stop.

One of the dead giveaways is customisation. This pillow has initials that you can actually change

This one does not: ArtColor - stealer of my designs
Though hopefully it will be gone by the time you read this blog. Some of my others that have been stolen. If you bought one of these from Amazon you have been ripped off:
A final word to Amazon. You are responsible. You make profit from any sale, perhaps you'd like to pass those on as compensation for my lost sales!
Update: Amazon responded to my first 6 DMCAs saying they will remove the offending images. Since then I've discovered another 21

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  1. I never buy anything from Amazon anymore. I mean if they would go as far as to sell merchandise that is stolen outright, then who knows what else they would do? I'll tell you. They cut corners at every turn, and what they do is NOT up to the safety standards that we expect when buying from reputable companies.

    The fabrics are treated with pesticides because the warehouses are infested with roaches, then they treat them again with fungicides because they're moldy, and they mold while in transit over seas, and do you think these companies who run sweatshops and sell stolen merchandise are following safety standards when applying these chemicals to these products? Think about it and just don't buy from Amazon.