Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More draft horses

Following on from my last draft horse post, this is another photograph taken at the cheval de trait, or heavy horse, show in Cressat, France. This was just one of those moments that you hope to capture - a foal with it's eyes closed, with a thoroughly fed-up expression, resting it's chin on the back of another foal as if to say "Can we go home now?". This would make a fun print for a horsey office.
This is a portrait of my own Welsh section D mare, Vaynor Bay Lynn, as she was standing in her paddock. She's about twenty three now, but wearing very well!
For those not familiar with registered Welsh, there are four sections, A-D, A being the smallest ponies, and D a more chunky pony or horse, good for riding and in harness. They are built like a small draft horse and come from a very small bloodline in the Welsh mountains, which makes them very hardy.

These photos are available on a wide range of products, including mugs, mousepads and greetings cards. Every horse lover should have one!