Monday, November 12, 2012

Berliet and more French soldiers

Another pre- or during WW1 photo. This is a Berliet phaeton - a model C1 perhaps?, the Berliet - Lyon marque stamped on the wheel hubs. The two officers in the back could be a captain and a major, and another rank in the front with epaulettes. Their insignia is not clear enough to determine, but perhaps aeronautique militaire or even military police. It's incredibly hard to find out what these isignia are. Wonderful handlebar moustaches though! To the left are close ups of the rear passengers, and the Berliet logo on the wheel, and below is the photo on a poster. I'm no car expert, so if anyone knows which model/year it is, please let me know! The style of car says 1908, but of course the photo could have been taken years after that.