Friday, December 18, 2015

Can you trust all Amazon sellers?

No, and Amazon is making a profit out of it! It's a nice idea, you can get a pillow with my designs from Amazon at a fraction of the normal price. But wait a minute, is it authentic? No. Some unscrupulous Chinese sellers have decided that every designer at Zazzle is fair game, they download an image of the design, and print them. Great, you get a pillow cheap, the designer doesn't get their royalty, no big deal right? Here is a review from someone who bought one of those pillows:
Amazon, you are aiding these criminals by allowing them to sell on your platform. It has got to stop.

One of the dead giveaways is customisation. This pillow has initials that you can actually change

This one does not: ArtColor - stealer of my designs
Though hopefully it will be gone by the time you read this blog. Some of my others that have been stolen. If you bought one of these from Amazon you have been ripped off:
A final word to Amazon. You are responsible. You make profit from any sale, perhaps you'd like to pass those on as compensation for my lost sales!
Update: Amazon responded to my first 6 DMCAs saying they will remove the offending images. Since then I've discovered another 21

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Natural patterns foxgloves for the home

Introducing my Natural Patterns store whose raison d'ĂȘtre is my love of flowers, photography and my love of making patterns, It's not all photography, and not all flowers, though that is for a later post. Being a keen gardener with a preference for wild flowers, these are my first and foremost subjects of choice, so to start with, the humble foxglove.
A foxglove has immense benefits for health with it's digitalis for heart problems, of course that makes it a dangerous plant - you don't want to chew the leaves or flowers! I'm amazed by the number of potentially harmful plants that are available for gardens. I've only just managed to eradicate some aconitum, or monkshood, which was growing here when we moved in. Now that we have dogs, it's a risk I can't take, pretty though they are. But back to foxgloves. I love the way the flower colours range from white in the unopened buds to a spotty lilac purple when open. They seed themselves everywhere, and none of the animals are interested in them, so they are allowed to carry on. Bumblebees love them, and the sight of the majestic flower spikes in June means that summer is just around the corner.
The photo above shows the pattern and the photo that made it, something I hope to repeat throughout this blog.It's not as simple as just putting a photo into a pattern making machine, I often spend hours getting it to look just right. The parameters for making patterns are infinite! I settled on several patterns, and this square is the one I finally decided would look best.
So I hope this collection of foxglove patterns for the home will find it's way into the home of a gardener or wildflower enthusiast somewhere. The design is available on tablecloths and accessories, with more to be added later.

Natural patterns foxgloves
Natural patterns foxgloves
by RuralFrance
Foxgloves colour palette