Saturday, April 17, 2010


Deemac1 lives in Indiana, and has a huge store at Zazzle that is well worth a visit. Her infrared photos are lovely, they look like frost covered landscapes, and in fact, she has some as Christmas cards.
I got hooked on photography in the late 90's when someone gave me an all manual camera (I mean ALL manual). I've progressed to digital fortunately because I can't see well enough for good manual focus. It's my hobby and my passion.

This is 2 photo's combined. The butterfly was taken in September of 2000 with my first digital camera an Olympus 2100. The cat was taken last week with my carry around Sony.

This sunset was taken in August of 2002, again with the Olympus (I loved that camera but only 2mp) and the crosses were sweatingly drawn by me.....even something that simple being difficult for the non artistic
I love infrared and had my old Panasonic FZ30 converted. I don't think I've ever sold any of my infrared products but I still put one up occasionally.
I have a friend with 4 dogs that she is awesome at getting to pose. This is one of my favorites of one of them. This is with my current Canon digital Rebel. I have the 2nd and 3rd models, the 1st I gave to my sister in law.

Friday, April 16, 2010


From London in the UK this time,  Fallen_Angel_483's store is called Natural Beauty - for reasons that will become obvious:
I am an amateur photographer using an Olympus SP570UZ camera. I have had the camera about 18 months and found zazzle by accident. I’m not an artist so most of my products are either photos I have taken or ones I have taken then manipulated. I love to snap plants and animals. I especially love using the super macro mode on my camera to get really detailed shots. Here are my 4 favourites:
Passionflower -  No skill involved here at all, just a great camera and some luck.
Grass -  I took a macro shot of a flowering piece of wild grass then used a filter on a graphics programme to artificially alter the color.
Young rat - I know people hate them but I spent months getting to know a group of wild rats so I could get some good photos and I think it was time well spent.
Collared dove - I liked the way the sunlight came out in this one.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Imagia77 (Dragonfly Designs) has been with Zazzle for over a year, and has plenty of variety in her store. In her own words:
I shoot with a Canon Rebel XT. I shoot whatever strikes my fancy, especially when I'm out with my kids. I shoot everything from flowers to sunsets to animals. I chose zazzle because I had shopped here before a LOOOOONG time ago and I liked the idea of being able to showcase my photography and possibly make a bit of spending money while doing it. I'm from Central Illinois and I started photography as a hobby a few years ago. I love art in it's many forms and I wanted to be able to better capture my children and the love just grew from there.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Dave is (like me) a relative newcomer to Zazzle. I particularly like the swirled kitchen tool on the business card, which looks like a bird! His store is called MaterialTattoos
I stumbled upon Zazzle in January, spent time looking things over, and realized that I could use my photography here (which is a good thing, as I am not an Artist with a pen or brush, but, with a camera.) I use an Olympus Fe46 12 MP camera that has many features that I have as yet to touch. Macro is super!

Most of the items in my shop are done with Photography, some have been manipulated in various ways. Obviously, I like animals (mostly cats & dogs), landscapes,and various textures, and still lifes.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Emily of mlewallpapers has a large collection of floral, nature and landscape photos for sale on products at Zazzle.
I love photography and have been doing it as a hobby for as long as I know. I have a Panasonic DMC-ZS3 Lumix camera - a medium to high end point and shoot. I know, it's not a DSLR but I like to be in the moment and have something I can fit in my pocket. The slogan on my website is "capturing beauty in pixels". My philosophy is that I try to capture what's out there in nature with minimal retouching. My photography ranges from exotic places like Saint Lucia, to America's National Parks like Yosemite to my back yard.

Here are a few of her favorite designs, a sample from four different categories: