Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More horses and ponies

On the subject of horses and ponies, here are some photos from other Zazzlers. I love seeing other people's photos, and the different perspectives they come up with. All of these (including mine!) would make great gifts for horse lovers with Christmas not far away. Many images are available on different products, so be sure to check out each store by clicking on their names.

First, from Welshpixels in Wales UK, a portrait of a chestnut horse on a mug and a postcard of windswept Welsh pony on a cliff top in Wales. Welsh ponies are a hardy breed - we have two Welsh cobs, and when it's snowing, they would rather be outside than in their barn.

From Blayzeink, a peaceful postcard of two horses grazing, with a white picket fence in the foreground, and from Naturesmiles, a sticker with a group of chestnut horses and a cute little skewbald foal.

Two lovely tranquil posters from Bebops, in autumn with colourful leaves and in winter with the light catching the bare trees, both with a horse in the foreground.

From Galind in Poland, a different slant on horses - two posters showing a reenactment of the Polish cavalry. I love the action with the blurred moving horses' legs in the first one.

Some more posters, from Hightonridley in the UK this time, a Dartmoor mare feeding her foal in the Devon moorlands, and a beautiful black and white print showing a close up of a Dartmoor pony with the wind blowing it's mane.

Tlcgraphix has these two atmospheric early morning photos, the first with the sunlight shining through a chestnut horse's mane and tail as it trots along a fence, and a portrait of a big grey horse against a misty background.

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