Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Highton Ridley featured photographer

It's been a while since I updated this blog, but photographer Highton Ridley inspired me to get cracking by mentioning his well deserved bronze merit award in the 2011 International Loupe Awards photo competition. The image with the award is the July image in the 2012 calendar shown below. I've long been a fan of Highton's work which covers a broad range of styles from traditional fine art monochrome, to the use of HDR and other effects. Two of his works were featured earlier in this blog, but I thought it was about time he had his own special feature. All of these works shown below are available in his Zazzle store, but to know more about the man himself, you might like to visit his web site

Some more of his lovely work, these are just a few of my favourites that I've chosen to show: A night time view of the historic Barbican area in Plymouth UK., full of rich colours and reflections, this image is also being featured on a magazine cover. This is the place from where the Pilgrim Fathers set sail, as well as Sir Francis Drake.

Entitled "Last Surf of the Day", an early evening sunset with a golden sky shining through heavy clouds, and three surfers wading through the waves on a beach in Devon, England.

Flowers. Everyone takes photos of them, but not many manage show their true beauty as in this photograph. As a fan of contrasts, I love the gentle gold and pink petals of this cosmos flower lit by the evening sun against a dark background.

A beautiful study in textures and tones, a rough rope knot on a smooth wooden post in monochrome.

A portrait of a Dhol Drummer, capturing the rich colours and textures, and at the same time, full of the atmosphere of a musician absorbed in the rythyms.

It's been hard to pick just a few favourites, and I'd certainly recommend exploring Highton's work further!

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