Sunday, January 27, 2013

Digital designs for home decor

Continuing my break from photography, a combination of Zazzle's new products and my love of colours and exploring new techniques has resulted in the creation of an array of digital patterns and art. The new pillows (or cushions as we like to call them over here) are perfect showcases for these, and I'd love to buy lots of them myself, but there are only so many cushions you can have! Using a variety of software, I've created a colorful range of designs and patterns, some with satin-like effects, some with plaids or tartans, and some abstract water reflection effects.

The pillows are made in the USA by Mojo, from 100% cotton and are machine washable. These patterns are available on all sorts of products for the home from canvas art, napkins, placemats and kitchen towels, wall clocks, espresso cups and mugs, as well as gifts from stationery to phone & laptop cases.

Much as I'd like to show more here, there are just too many, but these are a few of my favorites - they are also available as a rectangular lumbar pillow. Most are from my Rainbow Pixels store.

An abstract design with an effect of rippling water reflections, in shades of aqua, blue and black; red, yellow and black; and from my ruralfrance store, a dark blue green with shades of red, yellow and purple, from a photo of a Japanese maple. Three diagonal plaid designs in spring colors of pale pastel green and yellow; shades of mid to dark blue and yellow; and one in the colors of sunrise or sunset in shades of purple, blue, red, and orange. Also available in violet purple, cherry red and a yellow grey beige mix, with more to come. Although the pillows are a woven cotton fabric, these richly colored designs are made with diagonal shaded stripes to give the effect of a satin or silk style. These are in a whole range of colors from aquamarine or turquoise, dark indigo blue, lilac, pink, sunset, and teal green to "gold and silver" - a yellow, black and grey mix.

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