Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rest of the world PODs

For PODs read print on demand companies. Zazzle was lovely, but due to various US tax shenanigans, I've decided to look for "rest of the world" outlets. So far, I've signed up with;

Redbubble, an Australian company offering electronics cases, clothing, "pillows" (why can't they call them cushions?), duvet covers, prints and a few other products.

Zippi, a UK based company offering similar items but sadly without the home furnishings, though I believe cushions might be on the cards.

Woven Monkey, UK again and my favourite so far, is print on demand fabric. I well remember the days of buying fabric in a shop - like the design but not the colour, like the colour but not the design. I love making patterns so this suits me well.
I've uploaded a range of designs from modern digital to vintage, so please come along and have a look!

Unfortunately I haven't worked out how to get image links from any of these yet, but the year is young! What I really need, however is a freelance designer based POD printing business cards and other paper goods - they seem to be very much in short supply - a niche for you European printers?

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