Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Zippi Tote Bag - review

I received my sample tote bag in the post today, 5 days including printing, and a weekend, from the UK to France - pretty good!

Made of recycled PET (a type of polyester), though you wouldn’t believe it as it has a wonderfully soft cotton feel to it, and feels strong as well. The comfortable handles are long enough to slip over a shoulder. I tested it for weight and volume with items from my store cupboard, and it comfortably held:
550g box of cereal,  1.5l bottle of lemonade, 3 x 225g tins of pineapple, and 2 x 415g tins of baked beans
The total weight was about 4.5 kilos. I’m not sure I’d want to carry that much weight in it too often though it certainly felt strong enough. That makes it ideal for popping down to the corner shop or to the library, or to take a thick jumper and a shirt if you’re going out somewhere and not sure of the weather.

The print of my dark blue clematis design is very true to colour, though appears lighter due to the limitations of printing on fabric - you can see in the close-up that the white grain of the bag shows through and lightens the overall colours, but still it's a very clear print.

These bags are available for the sale price of £8.99 at the moment, reduced from £9.99, with several thousand designs to choose from (including mine!), or you can easily make your own with a favourite photo. If you’re looking for an ethically produced tote, you can’t go far wrong with these.

A very nicely made and useful bag - thank you Zippi!


  1. Looks lovely, Gill! Maybe I'll ask for one too, instead of my decal :)

  2. Thanks Judy, they're actually very well made bags. Recommended!