Friday, April 2, 2010

ArtformTheHeart - Photographer and artist

ArtformTheHeart says:
I am an amateur photographer from Scotland, though in the last few years I have also spent a lot of time in the USA. My camera is a simple P&S Samsung S1050 (I don't consider myself good enough yet to invest in a DSLR). I chose zazzle because it gives me the opportunity to showcase both my photography and artwork, and to potentially make a profit from it.
That Friday feeling
It was cold and raining outside and I was looking for indoor projects to photograph when I remembered about my little wooden mannequin.
This was another rainy day project. It's a composite of a cropped shot of Lennox Castle (now abandoned) and an angel gravestone from the Kirk O' Shots. It was just a bit of fun and to see if I could create a semi-realistic ghost photo.

I find inspiration everywhere and as a result my work is very varied; from semi-nude pencil drawings and paintings, to funny digital art and photographs, to landscapes, abstract and pop art.

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  1. Love it,I always wondered what to do with my manequin.