Friday, April 16, 2010


From London in the UK this time,  Fallen_Angel_483's store is called Natural Beauty - for reasons that will become obvious:
I am an amateur photographer using an Olympus SP570UZ camera. I have had the camera about 18 months and found zazzle by accident. I’m not an artist so most of my products are either photos I have taken or ones I have taken then manipulated. I love to snap plants and animals. I especially love using the super macro mode on my camera to get really detailed shots. Here are my 4 favourites:
Passionflower -  No skill involved here at all, just a great camera and some luck.
Grass -  I took a macro shot of a flowering piece of wild grass then used a filter on a graphics programme to artificially alter the color.
Young rat - I know people hate them but I spent months getting to know a group of wild rats so I could get some good photos and I think it was time well spent.
Collared dove - I liked the way the sunlight came out in this one.

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