Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Tom is a freelance photographer located in Washington between the Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges. His main interests in photography are landscapes and waterfalls, though he does occasionally go to Oregon to shoot the coast. His store is well worth a visit to see his beautiful landscapes, some in HDR.

Presently I shoot with a Pentax K200D. I only use two lenses for shooting, a 18-55 and a 75-300. My first camera was a Brownie Starflex, then I owned several Polaroids, a Pentax K1000 and a Chinon CP-7M. I switched to digital about 3 years ago. I very seldom do any editing to any of my photos. I spend a lot of time setting up and looking at my projected image before I take a shot. I am an avid hiker and spend as much of my summer months as possible hiking trails around Washington.

I've done studio portraits and boudoir photography but nature is where I like to spend my time. I will be returning to working with people in May with my first shoot with a professional model. Our planned shoot is a female gunslinger/shotgun wedding theme. Luckily the model I'll be working with will be 4 months pregnant next month, perfect for our shoot.

I was introduced to Zazzle by a friend who told me I should have my own line of greeting cards and postcards.
Walla - This was one of my first attempts using Photoshop. The image is made up of 4 different photos all taken on the same night.

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