Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Claire Shearer

From Scotland, with unsurprisingly magnificent scenery and some stunning photos. I have to say that Claire is one of my favourite photographers. In her own words:
My store is Claire Shearer Photography, I got my Sony A300 SLR camera about 18 months ago and I absolutely love it. I love the extra creativity that an SLR enables. Slowly I've got more and more addicted to it and I always seem to be saving for my next piece of kit. I'm currently saving for a Sigma 10-20 wideangle lense as it woudl be ideal for landscape photography.

I'm from Scotland which is brilliant for landscape photography as the landscape can be dramatic up North. In May my boyfiend and I are off to the Isle of Skye for photography and walking! I've also been going to college one night a week for the last 20 weeks studying an advanced photography course. Once that course finishes I'm going to be studying Photoshop 1 night a week at art college after work!!

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