Tuesday, May 4, 2010


 The next featured photographer is from Colorado. I've only been there in the skiing season, but I've always imagined it must be beautiful there when spring comes.
I've been into photography since I was a teenager. I shot with a Minolta XG-1 back then. I made the switch to digital a couple of years ago with a Canon Rebel XTi. Most of my images are with my 55-250 IS, but some are from my 18-55 or 50 1.8. I mostly shoot animals & landscapes. I live in Colorado, so I have some beautiful scenery & a lot of wildlife to shoot. I sell some photos as microstock & found out about zazzle on one of their forums. I have a hard time picking my favorites. Ask me tomorrow and they may be different from today!
1. This Mt. Rushmore image is my most popular as stock & was my 1st two sales here also.
2. This amazing reflection was taken near my home.
3. Hallet's Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park.
4. I saw this beautiful mule deer while out hiking.

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