Monday, May 3, 2010

Emily Hanson

As well as her beautiful flower photos, this store is worth a visit for some stunning fractals.

I have a lot of photomanips in my store. I do much floral/nature photography in addition to my abstract art. I use Paint Shop Pro as well as Photoshop to do the manipulations. Once a week or so, I get some flowers from the grocery store to photograph and mess around with on the computer. For the average cost of around $5 (once in a while, I splurge and get the $8 bouquets), it is a fairly cheap hobby. (The fractal art I do is free, Apophysis is available for download at There are many scripts you can download for Apophysis online for free also.)

I live in Minnesota, so I have to wait a while for the natural flowers to spring up. But in the summer, I take my camera on walks.

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